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Exchange - Undergraduate Students

Definition of an Exchange Student

The status of "exchange student” is defined as a student whose home institution has formal agreement of academic exchange with Peking University. Independent students from other universities studying at PKU will have the status of "international students” and might be subject to different application requirements, academic regulations and arrangements. You must have a non-Chinese passport to qualify as an exchange or international student. You can inquire of your home university and the Office of International Relations of Peking University about any existing exchange programs between your university and PKU. Information specific to “international students” may be obtained by contacting study@pku.edu.cn.

Application Process

Application Period

You should send your application material to the Office of Exchange Programs of your home university for first-round screening. Then your home university will send the applications of selected students to Peking University. Please do not send your application directly to Peking University.

  1. Application Deadline for Spring semester, November 10th of the year before intended enrollment (must be received by PKU by this date).
  2. Application Deadline for Fall semester, March 10th of the year before intended enrollment(must be received by PKU by this date).

Required Application Materials

  1. Peking University Exchange Student Application Form.
  2. Three letters of recommendation.
  3. Personal statement explaining your purpose and intent of study.
  4. A copy of your physical examination record (Your physical examination may be done in your home country. If you will be staying in China for less than six months, you will not need to present a copy of your physical examination record. Students studying in PKU for more than six months will need to bring the original copy for custom check.).
  5. Certification of enrollment from home university (or a letter from your university's office of exchange programs stating your student status and your intention to apply to PKU).
  6. Original copy of official transcripts from the home university you are currently enrolled in.

Application Procedures

1.Request information on admission requirements of exchange programs from the Exchange Program Office of your home university. The Exchange Program contact persons at Peking University are as followings:

  • Mr. Li Hongquan (for students from Asian and African universities)

    Tel: +86-10-62751242/43/46/47-219

    Fax: +86-10-62751240


  • Ms. Zhou Manli (for students from U.S. and Oceania universities)

    Tel: +86-10-62751242/43/46/47-211

    Fax: +86-10-62751240


  • Miss. Li Yun(for students from European universities)

    Tel: +86-10-62751242/43/46/47-218

    Fax: +86-10-62751240


    Division for Exchange Programs

    Office of International Relations

    Nan Ge Building

    Peking University, 100871 CHINA

2.Fill out all application forms (in Chinese or English) carefully. Send your completed application and all required documents to the Exchange Program Office of your home university, not to Peking University. The Exchange Program Office of your home university will then send your application to Peking University. Admitted students who will be studying at Peking University for more than six months will need to have a physical examination. You should also apply for a student visa to China at your local Chinese Consulate as soon as you have accepted admission offer from Peking University. Finally, you should arrive at Peking University and register at the time designated by your letter of acceptance.