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Information technology is profoundly changing people's production and lifestyle, making mankind a full-scale entrance to the information society. With the global economic Integration China starts. the process of deepening the reform Whether in the reform of enterprises or government, informatizition will an important role in the modernization process and has been the inevitable choice to the organization management innovation and the process reengineering. As the direct leadership of informatizition, CIO(Chief Information Officer)’s quality, status and responsibilities have become the key problems of the enterprise informatizition or government informatizition. CEO-CFO-CIO together constitute the troika of modern enterprise management. There are many problems in the process of China's informatizition, there are many IT investments did not produce a corresponding benefit, or even failed, in which a key reason is the lack of talents like CIOs.

With the deepening of informatizition technology development, there will be a large demand for CIO talents. CIOs should be integrated elitist with the technical background, business knowledge and management minds, they should consider organizational change and development from a strategic level. Whether IT background, or business background, CIOs should take an interdisciplinary well-organized education and training.”Peking University CIO courses” will provide Case-Method teaching used in MBA education and collection of Peking University and the industry's top experts and professors resources, to train qualified people to China's outstanding CIO talent, making the "Beijing University CIO" the cradle of China's outstanding CIO!

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