• Department of Information Management
  • Peking University

Yan Xueshan


Associate Professor

Teaching and Research Section of Information Science

Research Interests

  • Unified Information Science
  • Social Information Sciences
  • Human Informatics


  • B.S. (Science), Library and Information Science School of Wuhan University, 1978.9-1982.7
  • M.S. (Science), Library and Information Science School of Wuhan University, 1987.9-1989.12

Job Experience

  • Department of Chinese Language and Literature,Tsinghua University,Language and Information Processing Research, 1985.9-1986.7
  • Institute of Computational Linguistics, Peking University,Computational Linguistics Research, 1986.9-1994.7
  • Department of Information Management, Peking University,Teaching and researching in Information Science and Human Informatics, 1994.9-now

Selected Publications

  1. Information Science: Its Past, Present and Future, in Information Science: The Interdisciplinary Studies,Ainai Ma, etc. ed. Hangzhou: Zhejiang Education Press, 2007. 7,2-22.
  2. An Information Investigation into Humanities and Social Sciences,Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology(Social Science Edition),2006,20(2):113-120。
  3. Some Viewpoints on the Development of Information Science in the 21st Century,SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY REVIEW,1999(8):3-6.
  4. Essential Problems in Human Informatics, SOCIAL SCIENCES ABROAD,,1997(6):31-37。

Teaching Course

  • An Introduction to Information Sciences (Selective course for undergraduate students)
  • Human Information Theory (Selective course for graduate students)

Social Work

  • Juryman in Court of Haidian District, Beijing