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Department of Information Management

The Department of Information Management of Peking University, formerly known as the Department of Library Science & Information Science, was founded in 1947. In the early age of its development, some distinguished Chinese scholars, including Wang Zhongming, Zhao Wanli, Yu Guangyuan, Fu Zhenlun, Wang Liqi and Liu Guojun, have taught here and laid the foundation for the development of Library and Information Science in China. The department started to enroll Graduate students and correspondence students besides dergraduates from the 1950s , whom have turned into highly qualified elites in the field of Chinese Librarianship afterwards. Since the 1980s, with discipline gradually expanded, teaching facilities improved and teaching contents continuously enriched. The department made tremendous progress. Now, the main areas of research have expanded to: Information Resource Management & Knowledge Management, Information storage & retrieval, Information organization & Information dissemination, Digital Library, Data Mining, Information Policy & Management, Library Theory and Management, etc.

The department currently offers the bachelor's degree in Library Science and Information Management & Information System, and the master and doctoral degrees in Library Science, Information Science, and Editing & Publishing Science. In addition, Library Science is selected as the “Essential Discipline” by the National Education Ministry, with the capacity of accepting Post-doctorals.

Since its foundation, the department made great efforts in faculty recruiting and lift-long learning. A number of excellent faculty members with oversea study experiences and solid Chinese culture background are serving in the department. At present, the department has 30 full-time faculty members (inc. 13 professors), and some of them have became influential academic scholars at home and abroad.

The department has been rewarded several prizes such as National Classic Courses and National Excellent Textbooks. The department is devoted to improving the teaching quality. It emphasizes the teaching of theoretical and practical knowledge to full-time students, but also provides professional courses to part-time students. In the undergraduate level, the department puts emphasis on the teaching of basic knowledge, in the graduate level on the training of professionals and leading talents, while in the doctoral level on the cultivation of specialized personnel who have the ability of conducting innovative research independently.

The department pays great attention to opening-up and international cooperation in order to enrich research activities. Teachers are sent overseas for training or lecturing, and doctoral students are sent abroad to further their studies every year. The department also invites foreign scholars to give lectures, or for research cooperation. The department has built a long-term cooperative relationship with several renowned universities overseas.

Mailing address is: Dept. of Information Management, Peking University, Beijing 100871, P. R. China. Web pages on Internet is: http://www.im.pku.edu.cn/