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     Report: Detrital zircons, growth of the continental crust and the rise of oxygen

Subject: Detrital zircons, growth of the continental crust and the rise of oxygen

Time: 16:30pm April 23, 2010

Place: New Geology Building 3325 Room

Reporter: Prof. Ian H Campbell, Research School of Earth Sciences, the Australian National University


Brief introduction of the reporter:

      Prof. Ian H Campbell (BSc UWA, PhD DIC London) is a professor of earth chemistry at the Research School of Earth Sciences (RSES), the Australian National University (ANU).

      He was an ISI science citation index highly cited author (top 0.4% of cited authors, 2002) and Fellow of the American Geophysical Union (top 0.1% of members, 2009).


His research interests are in areas of :

1. Layered intrusion with special emphasis on the fluid dynamics of magmas;

2. Geochemistry of the platinum group of elements;

3. The relationship between mantle plume and flood basalts;

4. Rate of growth of the continental crust;

5. Rise of atmospheric oxygen.


Selected highly cited papers of Prof. Ian H. Campbell:

Campbell IH & Griffiths RW. 1990. Implications of mantle plume. evolution of flood basalts. EPSL, 99: 79

Campbell IH et al. A model for the origin of the Platinum-rich sulfide horizons in the .....  J. Petrol. 24: 133

Campbell IH et al. 1989.  Melting in an Archean mantle plume- Heads its basalts, tails... Nature, 339: 697

Campbell IH et al. 1992. Synchronism of the Siberian Traps and the Permian- .............Science, 258:176

Campbell IH & Turner JS. 1985. Turbulent between fluids with different viscosities......... Nature, 313: 39

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