From Beijing Capital International Airport to Your Hotel

There are 3 terminals in Beijing Capital International Airport (T1, T2 and T3). You can get to your hotel in 3 ways as follow.

  1. take a taxi
  2. take airport shuttle bus
  3. take subways

However, we highly recommend you the first one, since it is very convenient from each terminal. The trip is about one hour with fair expense (15~20$ / 100RMB).

When you are inside city, taking a taxi is always efficient and convinent. You can call the taxi service number (96103 or 68373399) to reserve a cab. However, it is very easy to stop an empty taxi except the rush hours. The text in Chinese downloaded here can help the driver bring you to hotel at any time.

Map from airport to Peking University
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In and around Peking University Campus

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