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Research Achievement
On Cultivating and Developing the Great Spirit of Chinese Nationality
Zhao Cunsheng
  It is significant to construct the well-off society for all, promote the cause of socialist country with Chinese characteristics and fulfill the revitalization of Chinese nationality through cultivating and developing the great spirit of Chinese nationality. The author puts forwards some ideas on the issue… More

The main topic on the Thought of "Three Representatives"
Xia Wenbin
  To set the thought of "Three Representatives " in the construction of the socialist country with Chinese characteristics is the scientific hold which combined the advance of the Socialist Party and the advantage of the socialist system during the process of carrying on and developing the Marxism by Chinese Communist Party.
To carry out the important thought of " Three Representatives", we shall put the great practice for the socialism with Chinese characteristics to the core. In the same way, to push forward the great cause of the construction of socialist country with Chinese characteristics in general, we shall insist holding the Thoughts of "Three Representatives" as the instruction.

Academic Exchange
International Seminar on
Deng-xiaoping and the Modern China & the World held at Peking University
  To celebrate the centenary commemoration day of Deng Xiaoping's Birth, an international seminar on "Deng Xiaoping and the Modern China & the World" was held on Aug. 25th-26th by Peking University. Hundreds of experts and scholars came from China, USA, Japan, Russia, Korea, Kyrgyzstan and Chinese Taiwan participated in the seminar. They are Leng Rong, Li Zhongjie, Shi Zhongquan, Hou Shudong, Roger K. Oden, Takeuchi Minoru, Song Rongpei, Yimanaliev, Boris. Nadtochenko, Yang Chungui, ZhaoYao, Xu Congwen, Zhuang Fuling, Wu Shuqing, Huang Nansen, Li Yining, Zhao Cunsheng, Xiao Weiyun, Wu Zhipan, Sha Jiansun, Liang Zhu, Xu Zhigong, Bao Xinjian, Huang Hong and Yang Kaihuang, etc..
Zhang Xinsheng, the vice Minister of the Ministry of Education of PRC, Xiao Rong, the vice chairman of Sino-Russia Commission for Friendship, Peace and Development. Min Weifang, the Secretary General of Communist Party Commission of PKU presented their speech on the seminar.
Researchers Study Document on Booming Philosophy Social Science and Strengthen Thoery Study and Building Engineering New

A meeting was held at the meeting room of the Centre at 18:00-22:00. on February 21st, 2004. This is the first meeting within the leadership this term. Mr. Zhao Cunsheng, the director of the Centre presided the meeting, three deputy directors, Mr. Wang Dong, Chen Zhanan, and Xia Wenbin and some academic professors, including Zhao Jiaxiang, Feng Ziyi, etc. attended the meeting......

Address on International Seminar on Deng-xiaoping and the Modern China & the World(Min Weifang)New
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

The 22nd, Aug. is the date to celebrate the 100 birthday for Mr. Deng Xiaoping, the chief designer of the construction of the socialist country with Chinese characteristics and the policy maker for the Reform and Open-up. Today, we held the international seminar entitled "Deng Xiaoping and the Modern China & the World" to memorize the great revolutionary, thinker, strategist, diplomat and make further academic exchange on the contribution and influence of his great theory. Firstly, I would like to present my most warm ly welcome and thanks to all the experts and participants.

Seminar on "Thought of Three Representatives"and socialist with Chinese characteristics New
  Now, all the party members and the public are studying the "Thought of Three Representatives", paying all their efforts to push forward the cause of construction of socialist country with Chinese characteristics and well-off society for all.
In order to study further and implement the "Thought of Three Representatives ", a seminar titled as " Three Representative" was held on Oct. 9th and 10th, 2003 in PKU.
It is our mission to make contribution for the cause, we shall equip all party members with the thought and keep the public informed of the thought…
Talent Training
Quest for New Teaching Approach of Deng Xiaoping Thoery
  The course program of "Deng Xiaoping's Theory" taught by 12 professors from the Centre since the summer term of 1997 has attracted much more public concern both home and abroad, and gained full appreciation from the leaders of the Centre Committee of PRC. The course's exemplary role has been set in during our teaching.
The students of PKU spoke highly on the course __
" It is one of the most beneficial courses I have ever taken since I entered the University."
"During the 4 years within the university, only few courses may struck me heavily. But the course " Deng Xiaoping's Theory" will do so."
"The course ranks top among all the political subjects, the fellow students like it mostly."

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